Why Do You Need Teeth Whitening

You may wonder that why do you need teeth whitening at all and why do your teeth go yellowish and how can you avoid it. Although there could be number of the reasons by which your teeth could change their colour and when these get yellowish then you have left with no option but the teeth whitening but it is important that before you know your options of the teeth whitening you must know that what are the reasons which could possible cause the teeth to lose their shine. 

Reasons for colour changing of teeth:

The foods and the drinks that you use every day in your life are one of the most common reason of the yellow teeth. The most common kind of drinks such as the coffee, red wine and tea could cause the teeth to go yellow. However, a moderate amount of these drinks will not do your teeth any harm but if you go crazy with these then this could definitely turn your teeth yellow. Apart from this, the people use the cigarette and excess tobacco also have yellow teeth because the chemicals used in it result in the yellow teeth. Apart from this, the teeth also get yellow with the age. As you grow old the enamel layer of your teeth which is white starts to get off and the dentin part which is yellowish starts to show. Apart from this, any kind of injury could also be the result of the yellow teeth since in this case the dentin starts to show off and the enamel layer wears off. The people who are on high medications also have the yellow teeth. These could be the reasons of yellow teeth but thankfully you have the options of teeth whitening and you could improve your teeth look by these. 

Options in teeth whitening:

Although apart from going to the dental clinic for the perfect teeth whitening. There are some other options as well which could help you in this. The most common treatment is the use of the whitening toothpaste. You must choose the toothpaste which is especially for the purpose of the teeth whitening. Since the regular use of the good quality and authentic toothpaste removes the plaque from your teeth and help you gaining brighter teeth surface.

Then there are in office bleaching, for this you need to visit your dentist and this is the procedure which is easy and is usually performed in one sitting. Dentist apply some whitening agent on your teeth and before applying this, he will apply some protective gel to protect your natural teeth layer from damaging effects of the bleach.

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