Disable Kids And Their Issues

Kids are the most precious thing that couples are blessed with as soon as they get married. Kids are the shinning and therapy for parents. When parents get back home after hectic working hours, the tiredness vanishes as they see their kids running towards them with a huge smile on their face to hug them. This moment is priceless and no one can ever put this feeling in words. We can only feel this feeling.

Love for Kids:

A single hug can make our day and whenever we see them down or they are ill, our world stops. We want them to get well soon immediately as their pain is unbearable for parents. As a parent, we can’t see them in pain and for the relief of pain, we can go to all the extent. Parents become broken, when they come to know that their baby is physically or mentally abnormal. It is quite difficult for them to accept it all at once.  They are expecting a healthy child which they have waited for 9 months long and when this news break, they also break. But they have to hold the patience in all the possible ways for their baby and his upcoming life.


Following are the disabilities that kids born with.

  • Physical Disabilities:

Physical disabilities mean that kid has either born with one hand, one leg, one eye is not working condition, one ear is not working, having issues with facial features or any part of the body. If h is born with any of the condition and he is well with his mental state then parents are the one who have to stand with a kid in all the stages of life. There are multiple therapies for such kids if they have both hands and legs but not accessible. Physiotherapy works in these cases.

  • Mental Disabilities:

Kids achieve all the milestones on time but they behave like a kid even when they reach to a matured age. Usually, people send them to rehabilitation centers for schooling and to make their life a bit productive.

  • Down Syndrome:

It is another medical condition in which kids are physically fit and they roam around everywhere without any difficulty. They know their parents but are mentally sick. They are behind their age and there is some deficiency in their brain which makes them like this. The facial features are almost same who has issue od down syndrome.

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